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Delighted to announce that Kamal Mouzawak is talking in Dublin

“in a country as divided as Lebanon, nothing can bring people together as much as the land and food.” 

Kamal Mouzawak founded the first Framers market in Beirut to help unite the city's communities, he has since set up Tawlet a kitchen where a different producer or cook prepares a traditional meal from their region every day. Expanding activities from the marketplace to the table.

Kamal will give talk about his life and work in Beirut on
Tuesday the 8th of October at 7 o'clock
Canapés and sweet treats provided by The Cake Café and Sheridans Cheese Mongers as well as a serving of wine
The Fringe Lab
Sycamore Building, Sycamore Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2
Tickets cost 25.00 and the money goes to fund Kamal's projects back in Beirut
email us on to book a place





Text for Arthur Guinness Projects

Below is the text from the Blog on The Arthur Guinness Projects site.


People are particularly inventive at the moment. Spaces that in other times would have been used for big business are being reappropriated for art galleries, workshops, food production and music venues.

I work in food and it is an industry to be proud of in Ireland, particularly in recent years. We produce enough food to feed 35 million people on our small island, increasingly it is being created by small artisan producers who are making cheese, meats and other delicacies to rival any from around the world.

We may not have the same historic food culture like other countries, such as Italy or India, but we are fast catching up with quality. I am pleased to be able to offer our customers, in The Cake Café, such great ingredients and to be able to say that it was produced here at home. Often I am able to tell them the name of the lady who made the cheese or tell them about the gentleman who reared the pigs the chorizo was made from. It is a privilege to showcase this produce in our savoury menu as well as baking with local fresh fruit, real, creamy Irish butter, free range eggs and even incorporating the rich malty flavours of Guinness in our cakes.

Irish handmade cheeses have a unique flavour from the salty breeze that blows through its coastal maturing rooms, cheeses like Durrus, Milleens or Gubbeen are all created by the ocean’s side. At Gubbeen farm in West Cork, the next generation have begun to take over the mantel and are feeding the leftover whey from cheese making to fatten up their pigs. Now the meat from these pigs graces dinner plates in some of Ireland’s finest restaurants and it’s being sold around the world.

Dublin is a city with a pulse that can often be missed at first glance. It has a lovely energy. I like its size and its easiness to live in. If you cycle, you can be anywhere inside the canals quite comfortably in a matter of minutes. There is a languid fluidity to the city, you can stroll and bump into people that you know, stop for a coffee, a chat, a pint. Our cafe, bar and restaurant industry provide great spaces in which to congregate, to converse and to eat well. We have always been know for our words, for using a lot of them to decipher the world around us or for the ways in which our writers have put them together, creating influenced and reach far greater than our small population.

I am looking forward to seeing what projects emerge and to assessing and filtering through them with the other judges on the food panel. I set up The Cake Café seven years ago and I would have loved a mentor back then to guide me through some of the pitfalls I experienced. I would also have appreciated the financial backing that Arthur Guinness Projects can possibly provide.

Whether it is the next cheese maker on a windswept peninsula by the Atlantic Ocean or a project coming from the heart of Dublin city - I am sure it will inspire a younger generation and bring a new energy to the Irish food community.




Ballymaloe Literary Festival

I am really looking forward to speaking at The Ballymaloe Literary Festival in May. It looks like it will be a great weekend and it is an honour to be sharing a stage with so many people I have admired for years.





I am really happy to anounce that Slice, The Cake Cafe's new food quarterly has gone to print.

I have asked various food writers, chefs and artists to contribute and the end result is very exciting. There is quite a substantial amount of writing on-line in Ireland and I thought it would be nice to put some of it on paper.





Judging the Christmas cakes

I just spent a lovely morning in Cork stuffing myself with Christmas cake all in aid of a good cause. The Irish Examiner held a Christmas cake baking competition and the results were out standing. We had over 300 people enter and today was the day the people short listed brough their cakes into the office for us all to taste. Darina Allen, Joe McNemee and myself tasted and deliberated and finally picked a winner. It was called "the penny pinching cake' and interestingly contained no butter. All the cakes as well as the sizable amount of money raised went to Vincent de Paul

The decorations below particularly took my eye. 



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